New Justice League Trailer Takes Me Back To 1978 [VIDEO]
My generation would say seeing "Star Wars" in 1977 at the movie theater had a profound effect on them, but for me it was the first time I saw "Superman: The Movie."
I was 8 years old and I couldn't wait to see that movie.
I lived 30 miles from the nearest movie theater, so the car …
Pow! Bam! Zap! Rik’s Tribute To Adam West
The definitive voice for a generation of Batman fans is Adam West. I grew up watching the 1960s "Batman" TV series long before Michael Keaton's Batman hit the big screen in 1989. It is hard to imagine that at one time Adam West struggled to find work as a serious actor after h…
‘Batman vs. Superman’ — Love It Or Hate It? [POLL]
"Batman vs. Superman" made over $400 million this weekend, making it easily DC Comics' highest grossing opening weekend ever -- but the critics have trounced it. I saw it twice over the weekend, once at The Majestic and again Sunday night at The Sunnyside Grand Cinema. I think…

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