What’s Your Favorite Morning Drink?
I am always curious why people would allow the butt of their car to stick out in traffic waiting for coffee. You are looking at me like I am out of line trying to get by when you are now blocking traffic at this point. Does it ruin the experience if you have to go inside?
Where’s Waldo Has Begun
Each business will be hiding a 6-inch-tall Waldo SOMEWHERE on their premises. Find him, and you'll get a stamp or signature on your passport.
Is ‘Mazel Coffee’ The Non-Coffee Drinker’s Coffee?
Full disclosure: I'm not a coffee drinker.
My co-worker, as an act of pure kindness, handed me this all-in-on instant coffee mixed called Mazel Cafe. Though I'm not a coffee drinker, I happily and graciously accepted his offer. I figured I'd at least try it. Who knows? Maybe it'll…
Check Your Keurig To See If It Has Been Recalled
You better check your Keurig machine to see if it’s one of those being recalled!
OK, so when I saw this story, I was like, haha, some of y’all have to turn your Keurigs in. But then I looked at the picture of the one being recalled, and wouldn’t you kno…

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