How to Make Ramen From Scratch at Home [RECIPE]
Many of us grew up on ramen. It's a Japanese noodle soup and it's one of the cheapest items in any grocery store. Because of that, ramen, in America, holds a notion that ramen is cheap food for cheap people. That is not the case. If you've ever been to a restaurant and had real ramen, you'll know wh…
How To Slice Soft Cheese Easily [LIFEHACK]
I do a lot of cooking when I can. One thing that's always been a hassle for me is to slice soft cheese so it doesn't gum up, if that makes sense. Slicing soft cheese may also have a habit of getting stuck to your knife. I know people who freeze it, but I don't want frozen cheese, eith…
Ham & Cheese Omelet Cupcakes [RECIPE]
The other day I asked my kids what they wanted to eat. For some reason, the idea of a ham and cheese omelet came up as one of the options. Feeling creative and inspired by Aarti Sequeira's lasagna cupcakes, I used that idea to make ham & cheese omelet cupcakes. It's super easy and …
How To Shuck Corn So There Are No Silk Strings [VIDEO]
The 4th of July is coming soon and maybe you're having a good ol' fashion BBQ. I love corn on the cob, but those string thingies are just about the most annoying thing ever. This video shows a way to cook corn easily and remove the husk without any silks everytime.

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