Kid Removes Own Tooth with Bow and Arrow [VIDEO]
This young man is suffering from something we've all been through at about his age. He has a stubborn loose tooth that just won't come out naturally. But with a quick sense of creativeness, he decided to use his bow and arrow to yank out the tooth when he lets it fly.
The Cutest Goal You’ll See All Day [VIDEO]
As a father of three, my kids are getting to be that age where they're starting to get interested in sports and I encourage whatever they're passionate about. This youngster apparently loves soccer so while the boring guy is talking about whatever on the loud speaker, this toddler decided …
Greyhound Scared by Scary Story [VIDEO]
Stories can be scary - especially if told by someone who knows how to tell a scary story. This Halloween story is so scary, it makes Emma the Italian greyhound visually unsettled. Watch this adorable video. You can help but want to reach in to comfort her...
Toddler Eats Too Much Food and in Adorable Video
Although we may not know the name of this baby, this three and a half-year-old child contemplates all of the food items they ate while doing his business in the bathroom as Mommy and Daddy from DefinitiveBabySign record the conversation through the door.

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