New Punishment: Mom Dance
We all know as parents that one of our rights is to embarass our children (most of the time we are unaware that we do) but how about trying the "Mom Dance"! Kids don't listen?  Fighting?  No problem - get your groove on!
Taylor Swift and Zac Efron to Appear on ‘Ellen’ Together
You’ve seen the rumors about ‘Lorax’ co-stars Taylor Swift and Zac Efron finding love in the vocal booth. Soon, thanks to the hard-hitting investigative journalism her show has always been known for, Ellen DeGeneres could bring the world one step closer to findi…
Jennifer Aniston Sets Record Straight on ‘Ellen’
Jennifer Aniston clears things up on Ellen...
Just Go With It isn't just a movie title for Jennifer Aniston. It has become a way of life.
"You're going to adopt another dog, I heard?" Ellen DeGeneres asked the actress in an interview airing Wednesday.