PBR And The Bulls Are Kicking Up Dust This Weekend At The SunDome
The Bulls are BACK at the Yakima Valley SunDome this Saturday.The dust will be kicking up as the bulls try and keep the cowboys from a perfect 8-second ride.
The Professional Bull Riders (PBR) return to the Yakima Valley this weekend and it's great family fun. Tickets are still available.
Maryhill Museum of Art Is Still Open Until Nov. 15 [PHOTOS]
I stopped by the Maryhill Museum of Art on my honeymoon back in 2011 because I had never been there. I thought it was a cool place to explore and I enjoyed going inside the facility. The museum shuts down for the season on Nov. 15, but it still has several great family events to attend before t…
Want A Free Pair Of Tickets To Some Of The Biggest Shows?
We have them! Become a VIP! Because we treat out Very Important People just right! Congrats to Daniel Ryan! He's been a VIP for about a year and got hooked up by The MaddHouse this morning! He's going to check out Eddie Griffin, live right here in Yakima, on February 2! Keep Lis...

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