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Dr. Strange Takes Marvel Movies To The Next Level – Rik’s Review
I was never the biggest Dr. Strange growing up and I always liked him better in a group setting in such books as The Defenders. I knew his origin and had a few issues but was never fascinated by the character until Benedict Cumberbatch was cast as Dr. Stephen Strange. I loved Cumberbatch in The Imit…
Final Dr. Strange Movie Trailer Dazzles [VIDEO]
There are so many comic book related movies these days that you might be feeling super-hero overload but the new Marvel Studios Dr. Strange seems to have a different take on the genre and it will be worth watching if you are a fan of comic book movies.
Anna Kendrick Interested in a ‘Squirrel Girl’ Movie
Nothing like a fresh, piping hot superhero rumor on a long weekend, am I right? Earlier this week, Net-A-Porter (via /Film) took the opportunity to ask Anna Kendrick which superhero she could see herself playing. She admitted that her brother had sent her a Squirrel Girl comic and that Kendrick coul…