notorious b.i.g.

10 Hilarious Karaoke Videos
Karaoke is a great bar game in which people embarrass themselves by crooning popular songs -- badly. The best karaoke performances are not usually defined by your vocal skills but how much you can bring your personality into song at that moment...
Slow Jam Video Of The Day 112 “Only You”
Slow Jam of the day today in the "Back in the Day Lunch Buffet" 12-1pm w/Dj Nahum Ray. Taking you back to 1996 when 112 ft. Notorious B.I.G. & Mase released this hit. It was such a huge hit on Youtube, the website deleted the audio and replaced it with a different song beca…
Notorious B.I.G Would Have Turned 40 Today!
Christopher Wallace a.k.a The Notorious B.I.G was shot March 9, 1997 in Los Angeles, CA. He was born in New York May 21st 1972. He would have been 40 years old today. We will miss him and remember him though all the great music he gave us!...
Baby Calms Down To Notorious B.I.G. [VIDEO]
I can certainly relate to this video when I had my kids. You'd do anything you can to calm them down. When you find that one thing that seems to work, you feel like you found buried treasure. Of course all babies are different and this one is apparently into Biggie.

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