Pianist Faces Jail Time for Practicing
Surely we've all had noisy neighbors who cranked their music too loud.  We've all probably also had a neighbor that complained to the landlord or the police for every little noise made.
I'm not sure which is worse, but this story out of Madrid, Spain makes me glad I live next to c…
Watch a Taiwanese Musician Play Three Instruments at Once [VIDEO]
Sometimes, you'll hear musicians bragging about how they played all the instruments on their latest album. But when the say that, they mean they played each instrumental track separately, then mixed them together in the studio.
This musician from Taiwan, however, has the coordination to play three i…
Lady Gaga Falls During Houston Concert [VIDEO]
Lady Gaga took a bit of a tumble during the Houston, TX, stop of her Monster Ball Tour on Sunday.
The pop superstar unfortunately lost her balance while performing her new song, 'You and I,' and quickly found herself flat on her back.
Luckily, being the professional that she is, Gaga got right back up…