LIKE or UNLIKE: ShayCarl – The Socks Song [POLL]
A few weeks back we debuted The Socks Song by vlogger ShayCarl. It's a funky little ditty that'll have you tapping your argyled socks. What do you think of the tune? Is it just a novelty or does it deserve to be played on the air? Take the poll and let us know - LIKE or UNLIKE?
The Time I Used To Work With Internet Star ‘ShayCarl’
Well, there's us. I'm the guy with glasses in the back (the goofy face is on purpose), the guy in the middle and the guy on the floor were two of my other co-workers and the dude with the beard yelling is ShayCarl. Who's ShayCarl? He has over 238,000 Facebook fans, over 288,853 twitter followers and…