9 Fantastic Hole-in-One Videos
While there have only been 21 hole-in-ones in the 74 tournament history of the Masters Tournament, there's been a rush of Augusta aces as of late -- seven in the last seven years.
So there's a good chance that during the 75th playing of the Masters some lucky golfer will require only one s…
The Guiltiest Dogs on The Web [VIDEOS]
Is there anything sadder than a guilty dog? Especially one that's just gotten his or her nose figuratively "rubbed in it?"
Here are some adorably pathetic dogs who don't even need to be disciplined because they've already punished themselves enough.
First Person View of Tsunami in City [VIDEO]
This is what it looked like when the tsunami waves were starting to come down city streets. Starts out pretty harmless but the water levels start rising, carrying cars and eventually start sweeping away buildings. Very surreal.
White Men “Can” Jump [VIDEO]
Jacob Tucker attends Division III Illinois College, and, at 5'11, stands about a foot shorter than slam dunk champion Blake Griffin.  Yet, judging from this video, the guard with the amazing 50-inch vertical leap can match just about any of Griffin's award-winning dunks...
Avril Lavigne Covers Ke$ha Unplugged [VIDEO]
AVRIL LAVIGNE did an acoustic version of KE$HA's "Tik Tok" Monday, on BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge. There's no auto-tune or heavy beats, just Avril, quiet guitars, drums with brushes and a vintage Wurlitzer electric piano. Avril's new album, "Goodbye Lulla…
Recreating The House From “Up”
On the upcoming National Geographic Channel show "How Hard Can It Be," which will premier this fall, a bunch of crazy dreamers recreate the scene in the animated Disney movie "Up" in which helium-filled party balloons lift a house high in the air.
The folks at &…
The Horse named “Arrrrr”
And you hated your parents for giving you a stupid name? One of the best things about horse racing is they have the most creative names. Sometimes stupid, but in this case, awesome. This race features a horse named "Arrrrr" - as in, what a pirate says...
Amazing B-Ball Trick Shots
Sports trick shots are taking over the Internet, if the popularity of amazing video montages by college trick shot masters\'a0UConn quarterback John McEntee and USC Asheville Goalkeeper Lassi Hurskainen are any indication.
Continuing the collegiate athlete reign of terror, American University basketb…

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