White Swan

Yakama Nation Treaty Days 2016 [VIDEOS]
On the weekend of June 10-12, the Yakama Nation commemorated the Treaty of 1855. A brief history note: The treaty was signed on June 9, 1855. The tribe is the biggest reservation in Central Washington, with 11,000-plus enrolled members and situated on 1.1 million acres. The weekend kicked …
Yakama Nation Treaty Days Powwow [VIDEO, PHOTOS]
Over the weekend (June 5-7) the Yakama Nation commemorated the Treaty of 1855 with the powwow and rodeo in White Swan and other events in Toppenish.
I got my camera, did a few interviews and took some footage of the powwow.
Yakama Nation Commemorates The Treaty of 1855
The Yakama Nation is commemorating the Treaty of 1855 today through Sunday (June 5-7).
I'm an enrolled member of the Yakama Nation, and we all live in an area rich in culture --
including my favorite: the food. I would like to invite everyone to come to the Rez and enjoy this weekend's events in White…
Upcoming Events On The Yakama Nation
In a couple of weeks the Yakama Nation will be Commemorating, or recognizing the Treaty of 1855. There will be a lot of activities that will take place. From the Pow Wow and the Rodeo in White Swan, WA. To the Miss Yakama Nation Pageant that will be held at the Cultural center in Toppenish, Wa.
The Yakama Nation Treaty of 1855 Commemorated [Video]
Monday, the Yakama Nation commemorated.the Treaty of 1855. This past weekend there was a parade, powwow, rodeo and many other events. A few special guests were honored over the weekend. Washington Gov. Jay Inslee and World War II Navajo Code Talker Kee Etsitty...
Treaty Days Pow Wow At White Swan 2013
This past weekend the Yakama Nation celebrated the Treaty of 1855. So what that means is that we celebrated our tribal recognition. There were many events, from parades to softball tournaments. Even the annual rodeo. And of course the Pow Wow in White Swan...