I decided to take my two girls out to eat. Outside of all the cereal we consume, we really do eat pretty healthy at our place. We rarely have snacks and my wife already at by the time I got home so it was off to a restaurant that she normally wouldn't choose. It was at that time I realized that my kids have never experienced an all-you-can-eat buffet. Now was the time.

On my way to Old Country Buffet, I started asking them what their favorite foods were, knowing they were all available there. About two blocks away I said, "the place we're going had all of that and more." My daughter, Laura, added, "do they have ice cream?" I said they did and both of my girls started to freak out.

This is when I became a dad. Not just any dad, but my dad. I told them they had to eat real food first, which they did. But it wasn't until afterwards that I thought to myself, "Why?" Why eat real food first? It's all good and it's more for the experience than for a quality, family meal. It's supposed to be fun. Ain't nothing more fun than piling that ice cream high and load it up with toppings.

All in all, we had a good time, and a good meal. But, as my mom says, "The company was the best sauce." Next time we go to any place where we can serve ourselves, we're going straight to the desserts.