I have lived and moved from Yakima three times since my first time at the radio station and 107-3 KFFM in 1998. I've been lucky to see some great celebrities come through the valley so I thought it would be fun to compile a list of the top 5 celebrities that have visited or performed in Yakima....feel free to add your sightings in the comments field below...

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    Garth Brooks

    In the early 90's, Garth Brooks did a show at the Yakima Valley Sun Dome. The one thing that is cool about Garth is that he tried to keep tickets to $20 dollars back in the day because he wanted all his fans to have a chance to see him live.

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    Dick Cheney

    Our own Yakima Mayor Micah Cawley was such a fan of Cheney that he tried to get in on his detail when the VP hit town in the early '00's. I'm not sure the Mayor succeeded but it was cool having a VP in town and running up and down Washington near the airport.

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    It was the 00's and Cher was on her retirement tour, again and again or so it appeared. The cool thing was that she sold out the Sun Dome and her show covered all areas of her career from the stone age to the space age...a must see!

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    My all-time favorite interviewee from 2003. Ellen performed to a sold-out out show at the Capitol right before her big daytime talk show hit big. She even talked about it and it was the first that we had seen the Ellen dancing skills.

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    Elton John

    I'm not sure if Sir Elton John ever touched the soil of the Yakima valley as he was rushed from his private jet to backstage at the Yakima Valley Sun Dome but I'd like to think that he stepped onto the concrete floor of the Dome so that qualifies him in my mind as the biggest celebrity to come to Yakima.