On Thursday (Oct. 20) Myself and Kelly West from 94.5 KATS FM took some listeners to check out the Scaregrounds in Kennewick,WA. Me personally, I don't why I decided to go. But as soon as we got the the entrance I was having second thoughts. And believe me I' don't do well when it comes to scary stuff.

But I put on my warrior face. Then my impersonation of Shaggy from Scooby Doo quickly got to me. Some of us went into the "Freak Show 3D" first. Again why I decided to do this is beyond me. Probably to face some fears. But a soon as we went through. I decided just to take some video and photos. All in all if you are into being scared and into haunted houses. Then the Scaregrounds is definitely the place for you!!

From the "Freak Show 3D" to "Hillbilly Hell" these haunted attractions will make you go bump and scream in the night. Enter if you Dare... Check out the Video!!!

For schedule and ticket info http://terrorbehindthescreen.com