The nights are getting colder, kids are back in school, the days are getting shorter and the leaves are barely changing color, but it's not the end of Summer yet. Here are my top five things to do before summer is officially over.

  • Ride the Bumper Boat at Meadowbrook Family Fun Center

    Meadowbrook Family Fun Center is open all year around, but they close the Bumper Boats as it gets too cold to get wet. My kids and I love Meadowbrook so we have to get as much Bumper Boat rides during the Summer while we can.

    Flickr, jakesmome
  • Lay On The Ground And Watch The Clouds

    A great activity that doesn't cost any money, is relaxing to everyone of all ages and uses your creativity is making shapes with clouds. Most of my cloud recommendations either looks like dragons or ice cream. I'll get a puppy or a human face on a lucky day, depending on the clouds.

    Flickr, supertin
  • Scrapbook Your Summer Memories

    While your summer memories are still fresh in your mind, a good idea is to make a scrapbook of everything you did during the summer. There are several scrapbooking resources for you and it's a fun way to spend time with your kids remembering and recapping everything you did during the Summer.

    Flickr, serendipity & amigurumi
  • Go On A Safe Road Trip

    One of my favorite things to do is go on road trips. I'm one who actually loves driving and doesn't mind doing so for long distances. It doesn't have to be across country or even Seattle or Portland. Even a road trip to Tri-Cities for a change of scenery or down to Maryhill to see the mock-Stonehenge can be fun to get out. I say during this time as temperatures are still good because once it gets to icy to want to drive anywhere, you may feel stuck.

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  • Go Camping

    Although I have a few camping purists who go camping all year around, I'm pretty much only interested in camping when I'm not freezing. Better get your camping out of your system now. Rimrock Lake and Bumping Lake were always my favorite spots. Tieton Pond is nice, too. It doesn't even need to be overnight if you don't want. Just show up, start a fire, roast some hot dogs and marshmallows and head home that same day - sounds like fun to me.

    Flickr, One Tree Hill Studios