One of my favorites of all time, Dusty Rhodes, passed away today at the young age of 69. He was such an influence on me for what I do here at the radio stations, believe it or not.

As most radio broadcasters have influences like radio greats from the past like Rick Dees, Wolfman Jack, Howard Stern and more, I've always found inspiration on how to deliver a message watching wrestling promos. The wrestler would get on a microphone and scream at the other guy on how badly he's going to hurt him, but there are several who knew how to speak so it was like they were talking directly to you. Nobody did it better than Dusty Rhodes.

He was also influential on how I am on the air. In a world where it's cool to flaunt how much money you have or how big your house is or how perfect your abs are, here's a guy who played the role of a common man because that's what he was. He never looked like an athlete and people loved it because he represented everyone who didn't fit the mold. On the air, I am exactly what I say I am, just a humble father of three who lives day by day and doesn't have anything fancy to show off. I'm not someone I'm not and that's okay. Dusty Rhodes was the same way.

Below is what many people consider the best wrestling interview of all time. It's hard to disagree. RIP Dusty!