Everyone has to be born somewhere. They gotta grow up somewhere. Maybe you had a dream of being famous or making it big in your chosen profession. Yakima isn't as small of a town as you'd think if you were born and raised. You should never think to yourself "I'll never amount to anything because I'm stuck in Yakima" The people on this list never did and made it big. Here's a short list of people who are/were from Yakima who loved doing what they do and helped put Yakima on the map.

  • Kyle McLaughlin


    Kyle McLaughlin, in my opinion, is the most famous person we have who was born and raised here in Yakima and went off to do a ton of movies and tv shows as well as stage plays. He graduated from IKE, went to the University of Washington and went off to make movies straight from there including Dune and Blue Velvet. Many people in Yakima probably know him best as the quirky Agent Dale Cooper in Twin Peaks which was filmed here in the pacific northwest. Even though he currently lives in Los Angeles, he still frequents Yakima to visit family and to speak at local Yakima charities and functions.

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  • Scott Hatteberg

    Baseball Player

    Even though he was born in Oregon, Scott Hatteberg moved to Yakima when he was young and started playing Little League baseball. During his senior year at Eisenhower High School in 1988 he hit 7 home runs with a .570. In 1991, he was the 3rd player selected by the Boston Red Sox. After rupturing an elbow nerve that required surgery, his career was considered over and in 2001 he was off the team. Shortly after his contract expired, he was picked up by the Oakland A's as a first baseman as is the subject of the book, and now movie, 'Moneyball' coming out soon. Look for Hateberg to be played by Chris Pratt (not from Yakima)

  • Raymond Carver


    Like Hatteburg, Raymond Carver was born in Oregon but grew up in Yakima. Growing up, he took part of the usual Yakima things. He enjoyed hunting and fishing. He attended Yakima High School (now Davis) in the mid 50s. Most of his time was spend reading. When he started his family, he took up odd jobs to support them including being a janitor, working at a sawmill and being a librarian. His mother-in-law had a house in California and it was when he moved there he found a passion for writing. He passed away at the young age of 50, but his poetry and short stories live on. Many people consider Raymond Carver the founder for re-birthing short stories in the 80s.

  • Sam Kinison


    Sam Kinison was born in Yakima. Unfortunately, that's about it. Shortly after he was born he moved to Illinois, became a preacher (which shows in his comedic delivery), went to New York and became one of the most well known comedians of all time, especially for his time. But we have to believe that some of that angst came from being born in Yakima.

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  • Phil Mahre

    Olympic Gold Medalists (Skiing)

    Who many consider is the greatest American skiers of all time, Phil was born and raised in Yakima. It also certainly helped with their father was a mountain ranger at White Pass so he, along with his 8 other siblings had the entire mountain as their playground, growing up. Phil Mahre went on to join the U.S. Ski Team at 15 years of age. From there we went on to win numerous medals and championships including several in the World Cup, World Championships and brought home gold in the '84 Olympics in Slalom while his brother Steve brought home the silver. You may still run in to Phil Mahre around town at various charity functions or just in passing at your local store.

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