Summertime in Yakima can be brutal. There isn't much a finer idea underneath the hot summer sun than going for a dip, but what if you don't have a pool in your own backyard? Here are a few swimming options for you in Yakima.

Franklin Pool is the traditional favorite of Yakima. Cheap rates, mini-snack bar, professional life guards on duty and a water slide. There's even a spot for younger kids to play without the fear of them slipping underwater. They take very good care of the water to make sure it's cleaned often. Another fun aspect of Franklin Pool is on the last day of their summer season they allow dogs to go swimming with their owners. Looking for a place to go swimming in Yakima, Franklin Pool may be your best bet.

The Yakima Athletic Club offers a huge variety in their aquatics program. Everything from swim lessons to prenatal. They also offer just good ol' fashioned swimming in their large pool. I like the Olympic-style swimming laps, but my wife loves the Parent Tot program where parents are encouraged to bring in their young ones to join them in the pool. Plenty of options available on how you like to be in the water at the Yakima Athletic Club.

If you don't mind swimming in a natural lake, Rimrock Lake may be your best bet in the Yakima area. A quick drive through Naches, Rimrock Lake is great for fishing, camping, relaxing and, if you're me, swimming. Unlike public swimming pools, swimming in Rimrock Lake is free - you can't beat that price. Sure, it's a little cold, but your dog can go swimming with you if you'd like.

Like the Yakima Athletic Club, the YMCA provides plenty of helpful activities to get you used to the water including water fitness, swimming for seniors and swimming lessons. They also provide lap swim. If you love to swim, you should see about joining the Yakima YMCA Swim Team that does regular competitions all over the pacific northwest. More information about joining the Yakima YMCA Marlins here.

If you want to make a trip to Moses Lake, it will completely be worth your while. Moses Lake is where you'll find Surf n' Slide Water Park. It's the closest water park you'll find near Yakima. They feature Olympic-sized lap pools, two 200 foot water slides and more. One of the main features is something they call the Flowrider, an artificial surfing simulator. If you go often you can opt for a season pass. It's worth the drive to Moses Lake at least once per summer, it's Surf n' Slide Water Park.

These are some of my favorites, but I'd love to hear yours. Tell me where you like to swim in the comments below.