Back To School

I Got MOD Pizza On My Mind!
Thursday both MOD Pizza locations in Yakima are helping support Eisenhower High School Football! Show the enclosed flier and 20 percent of your bill will be donated locally!
Organize your Planners For 2017
I'm taking advantage of Kid's Castle playtime to have a quiet moment to organize myself for the week!
So far, all I've done is procrastinate by taking this picture of myself trying to get organized. Baby steps to organization!
Get Eyeglasses For Cheap In Yakima
My daughter, Willow, broke her expensive glasses about two weeks ago. Her father had bought them in Federal Way at LensCrafters, and he said that if they ever broke, I could get them repaired for free at any store location. I was just about to head out to Valley Mall in Union Gap to get them fixed, …

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