Amazing Halloween Display in Yakima
While trick-or-treating with my kids, we came across this house. We stop by every year, but every year there's more and more to it. New this year was an inflatable haunted house. Let's check it out!
Steve Hahn Trunk Or Treat [Video]
On Halloween many lined up at the Steve Hahn auto dealership in Yakima to trunk or treat. A lot of candy was handed out. And the kids and some adults were very happy. The costumes were clever and scary. It was a great and safe event for everyone...
The Cheapest Way to Get Out of Buying Halloween Candy
Halloween always falls on the last day of the month, but maybe your paycheck is already going to something else and you just flat-out can't afford to buy candy. In lieu of feeling bad, here's one method you can try so it doesn't seem like you're super-cheap when, in reality, you …

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