It’s fun to be scared… as long as you know that there’s REALLY nothing there to be afraid of. But when that isn’t the case, it takes on a whole new level of goosebump-inducing creepiness. Whether it’s something from our world or the next, the unknown is what’s haunting, and even the known, that is still with us when it shouldn’t be, is a definition of haunting!

In Part 1 of the 11 Haunted Places in Washington You Can Visit, we wrote about cemeteries, bars, schools, and theatres across Washington. Here’s another hefty haunted helping of places you can drive to.

NOTE: If you decide to visit any of these places, do not trespass; you may face legal or otherworldly repercussions!

Hotel Andre

This hotel in Seattle reminded me of the Eagles' song Hotel California. "You can check out any time you like. But you can never leave." Guests have heard voices, piano playing, and glass breaking, and have even seen ghosts from the 1920s & '30s floating by the beds.

Lewis County Historical Museum

This museum in Chehalis is surrounded by ghosts, literally and figuratively. They offer ghost tours where people have seen shadow figures, things moving on their own, flickering lights, and even young ghosts taking a stroll around the building.

Northern State Mental Hospital

This is something you'd expect to see in the pages of Batman comics dealing with Arkham Asylum; not Sedro-Woolley, Washington. Back in the day, this hospital had around 2,000 people within its walls. Now, the Northern State Recreation Area owns a big part of the area that the hospital used to inhabit. Some buildings are still standing, as are the ghosts of the patients and workers of the long-closed metal hospital.

Central Washington University

Some people can’t imagine a world after college, and for one sad soul, she never got to experience that world. Word has it that three halls (Beck, Barton, & Kamola) at CWU in Ellensburg are haunted. Who is haunting the school? The ghost of a student who killed herself after hearing of the death of her fiancé.

The Mary L. Goodrich Library

The main rule in any library is to be quiet. I guess that rule doesn’t apply to someone in the afterlife because there have been many reports of hauntings in this Toppenish library. Even folks walking by it outside crossing the street say they can feel someone watching them from the 2nd floor.

Starvation Heights Sanitarium

This is an interesting place, and I’ve written about it before, mainly because of who ran it. An alleged serial killer named Dr. Linda Hazzard. I say alleged because her method of killing people was in the hopes of curing them. A technique (starvation therapy) she also subjected herself to when she became ill towards the end of her life. There is no denying the treatments she subjected her patients to were cruel and wrong, and many died. Their bodies were incinerated within the sanitarium to cover up the abuse and mistreatment. The building is long gone, but the foundation of it, as well as the incinerator, are all that remain in Olalla, Washington (although some reports say that the Hazzard's home still stands). Well, that and the spirits that have been reported still haunting the area.

A big thank you to and, for helping me flush out my memory of these places. Where have you gone that is haunted? Where should be plan our next vacation? If you have thoughts... or warnings... Tap the App and let us know!

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