Shocking Facts About the Graduation Class of 2016
This year's high school seniors will, no doubt, move on and do great things. I was thinking about what it was like to be a senior in high school back in 1995 and everything that happened from when I was born in 1977 (the year Star Wars and the Atari 2600 was released) to my senior year and everythin…
Be Spontaneous as August 27 is National ‘Just Because’ Day
They've made just about every day of the year a holiday of sorts to honor or acknowledge points of interest. If any day were to exemplify that idea, it would be today as it's National Just Because Day. A day in honor of doing something 'just because'. If you're strapped for …
7 Things That Make a Woman Feel Loved
Love is an emotion and women are nesters. Fellas, all they ask is that we make them feel loved.
This list will give you a few hints.
1.  Cooking for her.
2.  Giving her a compliment.
3.  Doing the dishes.
4.  Offering to get the groceries...

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