There are many things to celebrate with the big game this Sunday, even if you are not a jock or a football fan. For many, the thrill of the game was the commercials, but thanks to the internet, most of those Super Bowl ads get released either before the game is on or immediately after it airs. So, what's the point of watching the game for the commercials?

I used to love watching the halftime show, but between lip-syncing, wardrobe malfunctions, and The Boss's Junk flying at my face in 3-D, it doesn't hold as much fanfare for me as it used to.

The food is there, and it is still great. How can you nerd out and give the appearance that you really care about the NFL? Dig out your old copies of NFL SuperPro and read up on some truly remarkable and horrible '90s nostalgia comics!

Comic book football player super hero with spider-man swinging in the background

Don't feel bad if you've never heard of the Marvel superhero SuperPro. Many feel this book is one of the worst to come out of the House of Ideas. According to collector sites, the book isn't really worth anything, and I've found copies of the book in the dollar boxes in comic shops. But weirdly enough, on eBay, any issue can go for $10+.

A 10 Cent Rundown of Marvel's NFL SuperPro

The 13 issue was produced in collaboration with the NFL and was kicked off by writer Fabian Nicieza and artist Jose Delbo in 1991. Initially intended as an ongoing comic, it ended with only 12 issues and a Super Bowl special edition. The lack of passion from Fabian and the lack of super fans for SuperPro is what doomed the comic.

The hero of the book is Phil Grayfield. He was an aspiring football player but ended after getting a knee injury while saving a child. Becoming a reporter, he gets into an accident with a football fanatic super fan/scientist (because aren't they all?). Thieves break in, chemicals spill, a Football super suit is there, and a hero is born.

Captain America, Spider-Man, and many football quips help populate this Marvel Mash-Up of NFL and Heroes. Sadly, one of the highlights of the series was also its lowest, coming from controversy in issue #6 (more details on that below). Will we ever get a Marvel movie featuring NFL SuperPro? Probably not, but if we ever do, my vote is for Peyton Manning to play the role of Phil!

The NFL + MARVEL Nostalgic SuperPro Team-Up!

Take a look at what many have deemed the worst comic series ever to be released from Marvel comics.

Gallery Credit: tsm/Timmy!

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