You Can Help Yakima Win $100,000 for a Dog Park
It’s time for all Yakima dog lovers to sit (or stand) and speak (electronically, that is) to help
Yakima win $100,000 for a planned dog park by becoming the “Top Dog” in an online contest appropriately named “Bark for Your Park”.
Do You Enjoy Hard or Soft Shell Tacos? [POLL]
It's another one of those 'great debates' that people will spend all night arguing over. When eating tacos, what do you prefer? A soft shell like a warm tortilla that's pliable or a hard shell that gives you an extra crunch?
I asked on Facebook...
Should Yakima Women Get ‘Menstrual Leave’?
True story: Some countries, like Japan and Russia, have something called menstrual leave at work. It is exactly as it sounds. Workers in countries where this is available are able to take paid days off from work each month.
Should we have this available where you work, too?
Take The Morning Maddhouse Listener Poll
What Do You Want More Of In The Morning Maddhouse?Just play the music!More Hollywood GossipTech Stories and Gadget ReviewsProduct ReviewsPrize GiveawaysComedy- Make Me Laugh, please!Hot TopicsRelationship Advice  pollcode.com free polls 
Are You Even Watching the Winter Olympics? [POLL]
I'm a pretty big fan of the summer games, but haven't really followed the winter games at all this year. I spoke to a few who are aware that's it's happening right now, but haven't cared much for it, either. Maybe it's because I'm not a huge winter sports kind of g…
Do You Watch the Super Bowl for the Game or Commercials? [POLL]
No doubt about it. Many will be glued to their TVs to watch this year's Super Bowl. I also know several people who, because the Super Bowl is one of the most watched television events of the year (if not the most) that many watch for the creative, over-the-top, movie-esque commercials during the bre…
Do You Tip the Same for Waiters and Waitresses? [POLL]
I know someone who doesn't tip at all. Never mind the service, they refuse to tip because 'they already get paid for their job'. I also know someone else who only tips waitresses, but never waiters. He says it's because he feels bad for waitresses and what they have to go through…

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