Easter Cadbury Egg Cheese Cake
Being obsessed with cheese cake, I stumbled across this super-yummy recipe just in time for Easter.
If you are a big fan cheese cake like I am, check out for this delicious recipe.
Happy Easter!
I Made Sukiyaki and So Can You [RECIPE]
One of my favorite things to make for the family is anything that involves putting all of the ingredients into the same pot. Sukiyaki is a traditional Japanese dish that features meat and vegetables all stewing in a pot of sauce. I'm not culinary trained, but I made this over the weekend and my…
Turn Leftovers Into a Burrito
The other day we were having Loco Moco which is a Hawaiian dish that's basically rice, hamburger patty and a fried egg, all on top of each other drizzled in brown gravy. It's super delicious but the next day, I didn't want to turn the leftovers into more of the same so I got the idea …

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