My daughter is part of a 'kids club' at Children's Village that keeps kids occupied all summer long with fun field trips. Wednesday was a visit to Yakima Maker Space. Even I couldn't wait for this one, as I'm such a huge fan of who they are and what they do.

I met John, who I see often at Downtown Summer Nights, and also ran into my good friend, Jeremy, who I've known since elementary school. Yakima Maker Space has plenty to offer, so everyone was divided into groups and went off to do some fun, hands-on activities.

I saw them show the kids how carve wood on one of those wooden-spindle cutter-things. The kinds that design legs in tables - stuff like that. I also saw some science when you combine chemicals to make a reaction. They also had fun using tools to dismantle broken equipment.

The highlight for me, and it was a big draw to most of the kids, was the 3D printer. It was working on making some puzzle pieces that looked like lizards ala M.C. Escher. It prints a layer of plastic at a time and builds up from there. They all took home a plank of wood with their name burned into it via laser. All in all, a fun trip that will make the kids want to come back. I had trouble getting my daughter to leave. She definitely wants to come back soon.

I want to go back, too.

Big thanks to Yakima Maker Space and Children's Village for providing this experience.

Watch the 3D Printer in action

Jeremy shows kids how to design in 3D / John Riggs