Hello! I'm John Riggs, I'm 34 years old and I've never bought a house. My reasoning makes sense to me. I've relocated from town to town; state to state, for the past few years so I've never stayed in any one city long enough to have me want to buy a house. Why pay for a house that I'm just going to have to resell in a couple of years? Well, now that my kids are all in school, I'm sick of moving and want to settle down. The only problem is, I don't have the first clue about what to do when it comes to buying a home.

I've asked my fellow home owners on what they did when they bought their first house. I heard more horror stories than success stories. I had one friend who said he bought a house priced at what he could afford, but then there were all of these additional costs he's paying more than he expected making life hard. Another who bought a house that looked nice, but apparently needed tons of maintained because he didn't have a professional inspect it first. I didn't want to have anything like that happen to me.

Then I heard someone mention The Buyer's Agent. I've at least heard of them because they have commercials on the radio and I see those guys holding 'home buyer seminar' signs a lot. This is probably exactly what I need. Their website has a bit of information, but I need to know some stuff from the very beginning. How much can I be approved for? How much do I pay per month? Where's a good place to get a home loan? I have a lot of questions so I'll check out one of these home buying seminars, but I think I'll stop by soon and see if I can get a few of these questions answered until then.

So if my first step is deciding to buy a home, what's my next step? I'll ask The Buyer's Agent and see if they know. If you have any tips or advice, email me here.