Ok, as a mom of 2 fully potty-trained children (they both better be, they are 5 and 9 now) I am no stranger to the ever mighty crazy task that all parents find themselves faced with:  potty training.  Now if you have, had, or will have a toddler, you will most likely be just like every other parent; you will ask advice, you will bribe, beg, plead, and put in countless hours waiting for that first milestone sound.  When you hear it, you will most likely jump for joy, post it on Facebook, call the grandparents, and do the potty dance (which really should put any club moves you have to shame).  But last week, a new trouble was unveiled..... the iPotty!

I am sorry, but as a mom, I give this as many thumbs down as I can!  I will borrow thumbs just to give it a thumbs down!  Potty training is a parents right of passage.... not a time to pass off to an ipad.  Although I am tech saavy, love my electronics, there is just many moments I find myself facing the battle of the ipad when it comes to my children: potty training is definitely one of them!  I personally do not feel an iPad needs to come into play in the #1 and #2 departments, but some parents are raving. I just feel like it takes away from parenting, and I just cannot be ok with that.  I will let you decide how to feel about this, but until you decide, can I borrow your thumbs too and add it to my thumbs down  for this product!?