The other day we were having Loco Moco which is a Hawaiian dish that's basically rice, hamburger patty and a fried egg, all on top of each other drizzled in brown gravy. It's super delicious but the next day, I didn't want to turn the leftovers into more of the same so I got the idea to transform them into a burrito. It worked great!

I just chopped up the meat, scrambled an egg and blended it with rice and what was left of the brown gravy. Wrapped that sucker up in a flour tortilla and, boom, the loco moco burrito was born.

I'm going to start doing this more often with more of my leftovers. Burritos are easy to whip up and can breath new life into boring leftovers.

If you have any good ideas for leftovers, I'd sure love to hear them in the comments.