It's not too often when my wife will go out of her way to buy me another video game to add to my collection, but this is one game she's been wanting me to get for a while. The funny thing is I didn't plan on getting it so she got it for me. I knew exactly why she got it for me, too, and it wasn't for the story line.

Final Fantasy 15 features four friends set off on an adventure. You play as one while your other three help out as needed. They're all drawn in such a way that my wife finds them attractive.

When the game was released, I think my wife was sure I'd pick it up, but I hadn't. She hinted at me to pick up by saying things like "When is it coming out? Are you going to get it?" or "I bet these stores have Final Fantasy 15 in stock." But I kept resisting as I didn't care to pick it up. It was only when we were both at a store that had it on the shelf where she said, "just buy it," so I did.

I only played it for an hour and what I got was a glitchy mess. The screen shot above is from when I was playing the game. I saved it because I wanted to show you that I'm supposed to be sitting inside the car, not floating next to it. I'm sure there will be patches available (if not already) that fix stuff like this.

She has liked it so far and I'll play more of this game later when time allows, but since she doesn't play video games, I'm forced to play it for her. Woe, is me.