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Jordan Peele Will Also Host His ‘Twilight Zone’ Revival
You are traveling through another dimension — again. But this time, Jordan Peele is guiding the way. In addition to producing the upcoming revival of The Twilight Zone for CBS All Access, Peele will now serve as the series’ host and narrator. The Get Out filmmaker debuted the first pro…
Who's Got The Best Fry Sauce In The Yakima Valley?
Heinz's new mayo-ketchup hybrid called Mayochup is coming to stores in the U.S. this month. Why not just call is FRY SAUCE?! That's what it is. Speaking of fry sauce, who's got the best in the Yakima Valley?
I Want To Lose Weight But How Do I Start?
My trainer Tanner KICKED my butt today at the gym but wanted to take a moment to share some awesome advice he gave me for ANYONE trying to get a bit healthier