If you are a young person using food stamps in Washington State you'll soon be able to automatically qualify for financial help so you can attend college.


A new Washington State law gives financial aid to students currently part of the state Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, better known as SNAP or food stamps. The help will be available in the 2025-2026 school year. State lawmakers gave the go ahead to HB 2214 during the last legislative session making the bill the first in the country.


For those who are legal immigrants and can't receive SNAP the state has the Food Assistance Program and those under that program also qualify for college financial help. Under the new law the money comes from the Washington College Grant program which is the largest pool of money for financial aid in the country.

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Students in 10th grade can start collecting free college years. Students eligible for food help get one year of free college tuition. If the student is still on the program in 11th grade the student gets two years of free college. The same pattern continues for the third year for three years of free college help. The 4th year isn't free but students can apply for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA which helps cover most of the cost of a 4th year in college.
State officials says the bottom line is that the program will allow more students in the state to obtain a 4-year-degree.

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