What's going on?

Next dance?
Ready for an unforgettable evening? Here's Reesha's ultimate prom playlist for 2017.
Morning Tea
Reesha On The Radio is here with the tea on the new morning show on 107.3 KFFM!
Broadcasting Live Today!
Reesha On The Radio will be broadcasting live at Nationwide Insurance, next to Fiesta Foods, today from 5-7pm!
Macklemore and Ryan Lewis just made a huge announcement regarding their sold out concert in Yakima at The Seasons Performance Hall on August 24, 2016!
'The Tour of Homies'
Reesha's got this idea for making an annual event a little more come-as-you-are ...
The new black?
What do you think about the Spokane NAACP chief who passed for African-American until her family outed her?
Do you believe her?
When some unretouched photos of Cindy Crawford surfaced on the Internet, she owned them. But now, she says they're fakes.
Guliana's 'Dreaded' Comments
Guilana Rancic said some shady things on the red carpet about Zendaya Coleman's hairstyle at the 87th Academy Awards. Reesha On The Radio sounds off.
Time's running short!
This official Seahawks toaster could be yours -- but you need to enter our Twitter contest.
She was right!
Wilton Beebe Jr.'s wife insisted he go the Yakima Valley Mall and enter to win tickets to this Saturday's Seahawks playoff game. Good thing she did -- because now he's heading to Seattle.
Tasteful criticism
Sir Mix-a-Lot tells us how to tell someone that their cooking sucks.
All About That Vape
Reesha On The Radio's music video is dedicated to those who REALLY want to stop smoking. Here's some help: VAPING!
A Ratchet Tie Down, For What?
What in the world is a ratchet tie down? Is it the new way to say "scarf for your hair weave"? I don't even have the slightest idea. Meanwhile, I received one in the mail today, and it was addressed from somebody named "Anonymous". I am willing to bet a week's pay that the anonym…
My New Years Resolution for 2014
Here we are approaching the end of the very first month of the new year.
My resolution is "to loosen up a bit".
I don't mean loosen up in a dress size, or loosen my grip on reality.
My resolution is to loosen up on my knack for being anxiety-prone, cynical, bitter, and all-aroun…
Mysterious Elf Caught In Revealing Photo!
Move over The Elf On The Shelf!
Make way for The Elphf On A Shelf!
This holiday season she is wrecking havoc wherever she goes, and then tells her bff Santa all about it when you go to sleep. She is cranky, mischievous, and will sometimes leave a little poo on your Christmas tree...
SPOILER ALERT: NO Spoilers Please For American Horror Story
Last night: season premiere of American Horror Story: Coven. I haven’t seen it yet, so no spoilers, but I saw on my twitter feed that Kathy Bates is pure evil on this season! This is the ONE show that I don’t want spoilers on. Usually, I will watch a movie, and if I g…