Washington State’s Favorite Jelly Bean is no Juicy Secret
I used to be a fan of jelly beans. Not to any great level, but thought it was fun when we had that candy store at the Yakima Mall to fill up with random flavors. I had a few favorites and, fortunately, one of my favorites was listed as Washington state's favorite on this list.
The Cheapest Way to Get Out of Buying Halloween Candy
Halloween always falls on the last day of the month, but maybe your paycheck is already going to something else and you just flat-out can't afford to buy candy. In lieu of feeling bad, here's one method you can try so it doesn't seem like you're super-cheap when, in reality, you …
Eight Halloween Treats that Need to Retire
Your kids get dressed up, they go trick-or-treating and they might come back with plenty of treats, but there are a few "tricks" in there, too. And I don't mean practical jokes, I mean something that's edible by USDA standards but shouldn't be consumed because they&a…
Taste Testing ‘Toilet Candy’ from Japan [VIDEO]
When I was last in Seattle, I saw these creative, interactive candies that resembled a toilet. I had to check these out!
In Japan, there are a variety of candies that have an interactive element to them. Some feature nothing but powders and mixes where, when combined with water, makes an edible paste…

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