Baby Joel’s Poppin’ Video of the Day
With the Baltimore riots continuing to raise serious race issues across the country, I have taken it upon myself to make at least a little light of the situation.
This is a guy dancing to Michael Jackson on top of a truck.
You're welcome...
My Dancing Daughters Performing in a Grocery Store Near You
As a parent, I feel for most parents who bring their kids to the store. It's a great time to teach money management, how to read labels and compare prices and how to be a courteous shopper. Instead, it's usually just a big playground for kids and you spend most of your time wrangling them …
THIS IS A MUST WATCH: Babies Dancing To Blurred Lines
There was talk around the office a couple of weeks ago about the viral video of Chicago Mayor, Rahm Emmanuel, who got busted jamming out to Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines (click here if you haven't seen it). Well, here is your pick-me-up for the day--really cute babies and kids dancing to Bl…
33 High School Students Were Suspended For Twerking
"Twerking" is the latest dance craze. And by that we mean Miley Cyrus is quite fond of posting videos of herself doing it.
But the administration at Scripps Ranch High School in San Diego are not fond of Twerking. In fact they just suspended 33 students for their own video of the dance, whi…
10 Hilariously Painful Moonwalk Fails
When it comes to gettin' down on the dance floor, there are a few moves that have stood the test of time. Maybe you like a classic jig, or perhaps the percolator is more your style. But there is, however, one dance that gets people of all ages boogieing: the Moonwalk.
North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-Un Takes Over Gangnam Style
The video for the PSY song 'Gangnam Style' now has over 250 million views on YouTube and is the most "liked" clip in the video-sharing site's history. All this attention on the dance tune has really put K-pop and South Korea in the spotlight. This isn't sitting well with Kim Jong-un, the l…

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