Eye Candy

Morning Eye Candy ~ Paul Walker
Monday's can be a little hard to get back to schedule, our focus is never where is should be on a Monday ~ so instead, let's focus on Paul Walker!
What a face to wake you right up! He is furiously good looking!  Enjoy!
Morning Eye Candy ~ Boris Kodjoe
I am sure seeing this face first thing in the morning will wake you up more than drinking the entire pot of coffee.  Boris Kodjoe ~ Mmm Mmm Mmmmmm.  One of my favorite movies 'Brown Sugar' is when I realized Boris is one giant cup of deliciousness...
Morning Eye Candy – Bradley Cooper
It just wouldn't be fair to not give one last shout out to last year's sexiest man alive - Channing may have taken his title away from him, but there is just something about those eyes that women can't resist!
Morning Eye Candy
No matter what role he may go into, my favorite was Eric on Days of our Lives - handsome, charming, and said all the right words..well it WAS a soap opera role, but still, Jensen Ackles is Monday morning eye candy.
Morning Eye Candy
A great way to start off a Monday if you ask me!  My daily eye candy can definitely wake me up just by looking at him, and I hope it does you too!  Criminal Minds - Shemar Moore.... Happy Monday Ladies!
Morning Eye Candy
With People magazine releasing their sexiest man of 2012: Channing Tatum, and their list - The United States of Sexy that is filled with some of the hottest men in America, I decided to bring to my fellow ladies, my own daily list of eye candy...