Cereal Milk is the Product You Never Knew You Needed in Your Life
I am a huge fan of breakfast cereal. After the cereal was finished, not to waste the milk, I'd just gulp down whatever was left in the bowl. Of course, this is why chocolaty cereal was great because it would turn the milk chocolate. We already had chocolate milk and now, if you don't wanna…
When in Doubt, Order the Nachos
Have you wanted to go out but didn't know what to order once you got there. I'm here to tell you my not-so-secret philosophy: When in doubt, order the nachos.
Trying the Cherry Pie from the Diner in ‘Twin Peaks’
If you find yourself in North Bend, Washington, you can find Twede's Cafe. This is the place used in the show Twin Peaks that's known for cherry pie and, as Agent Dale Cooper puts it, "damn good coffee." Is the cherry pie all that it's cracked up to be? Let's fi…

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