Is Five Guys Burgers and Fries Worth the Price?
Five Guys Burgers and Fries will be making its Yakima debut very soon. I'm excited for it as I'm sure many are, but I think Yakima will be in for a shock when they see the prices are somewhere between casual dining and fast food. The question many will ask is "Is it worth the pric…
Washington State’s Favorite Jelly Bean is no Juicy Secret
I used to be a fan of jelly beans. Not to any great level, but thought it was fun when we had that candy store at the Yakima Mall to fill up with random flavors. I had a few favorites and, fortunately, one of my favorites was listed as Washington state's favorite on this list.
The 35th Annual Cultural Unity Fair At Wapato [VIDEO, PHOTOS]
On Thursday (March 30), students and staff at Wapato Middle School put on the 35th annual Cultural Unity Fair (CUF). The event brought in many people from the community, who formed lines at various food booths. Needless to say, everyone who showed up came with an empty stomach.
Where Will You Find the Best Steakhouse in Washington?
True story: When I married my wife we were gifted half a beef, which basically means we got half of a cow cut up into various cuts of steak. I didn't have a clue what cut was different from the others outside of T-bone has a bone in the shape of the letter T. I took it for granted because I didn't k…
The 35th Annual Cultural Unity Fair At Wapato Middle School
The 35th Annual Cultural Unity Fair is tonight (March 30) at Wapato Middle School. This annual event features food from different cultures while students and staff provide the entertainment. They'll displaying different dance styles from Native American, Filipino, Mexican and other cultures.
Yakima Steak Company Is Accepting Applications
I love steak and can hardly wait until the new Yakima Steak Company opens in Yakima. I'm so excited I can smell that sweet beef cooking already!
The YSC will open in the old location of Tony's Steakhouse at 221 W. Yakima Ave., and the upstart company is already looking for employees, accord…
Try Something New? Try the Oyakudon
So many times do we look at a menu and immediately go for what's safe. Maybe something we've had somewhere else and disregard anything else on the menu. If you're looking for a change, if it's on the menu, try something called oyakudon.
Red Cross Opens Shelter For Yakima Flooding
The American Red Cross has opened an emergency shelter for West Valley residents affected by the flooding at 72nd Avenue between Mead Avenue and Nob Hill Boulevard in Yakima. The shelter opened Tuesday afternoon at the Church of Christ, 100 N. 72nd Ave.

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