What To Do When You Drop Your iPhone In The Toilet
How many stories do you have that has the phrase, "So, I turned my head for a second..." That just happened to me. Before I knew it, my iPhone was in the toilet completely submerged in water. What now? Is there any chance for salvation? Although chances may be bleak, there are a fe…
iPhone Secretly Tracks Your Every Move, Claims Security Experts
Security experts Peter Warden and Alasdair Allen have made a startling discovery about Apple's iPhone and 3G iPad: The devices secretly track and record your location.
Apparently, this has been going on for 10 months, despite the fact that Apple has never previously disclosed that they keep a r…
Dial With Your Nose? There’s An App For That
Can't dial through your woolen mittens? Leather gloves keeping you from texting? Pssht. NoseDial, a new iPhone app from German company Buhmann Marketing allows you to navigate the phone's touchscreen features with your nose instead of your hands.