How We Say Good Morning in the Maddhouse [VIDEO]
Here is a short video of how Reesha says good morning to Nahum in the Maddhouse. If you listen closely you can hear the "P" word come out.
Yes, Reesha calls Nahum a "pig" in the morning, but that's just how the Maddhouse begins at 6 a.m. ...
What is Your Favorite Michael Jackson Song?
It's been 4 years since we lost the king of pop, but his music lives on. This morning, we asked you what your favorite Michael Jackson song was. Make sure you add your favorite song to the list, too.
Win ‘Vans Warped Tour’ Tickets Here!
Win tickets to the 'Vans Warped Tour' Sat. June 15th @ White River Amphitheater. Listen to the 'Maddhouse' 6-10 am in the Morning and listen for them to ask you, "What color are Nahum Ray's Vans?"
DASHing Baby Shower Invitations
Well aren't these invitations just DASHing? Kimye's mother and current co-star Kris Jenner is throwing a baby shower and this invitations are unique to say the least!
I remember having a jewelry box like this as a child, I loved finding them for my own kids; but I love seeing this invitatio…

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