Greedy Mom Steals All Halloween Candy from Porch [VIDEO]
Every once in a while your children might stumble upon a house where no one's home, but where the residents still want to participate in the spirit of giving out candy. They'll leave a bowl full of treats on the front porch with a sign to take some. You can usually imagine some kid figuring out they…
Mom Watches Video Of Herself Sleepwalking [VIDEO]
The bad thing about sleepwalking is, obviously, you don't know if you did or not - unless you wake up somewhere else. When this kid saw his mom sleepwalking, he did what any kid would do with access to the internet - got his camera! Her reaction to watching herself sleepwalk is priceless.
Mothers Day! What Does Coco’s Mom Look Like?
So a lot of people say I look like my mother (which is not a bad thing). But I get told I have her attitude more than anything and that might not be the best compliment. Although, I do admire my moms "If I want it, it shall be mine" attitude, sometimes it gets the best of me...

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