Concert Time! NKOTBSB
Since the NKOTB / BOYZIIMEN / 98DEGREES concert is tonight, I thought that I would share some pictures from the last time around I saw NKOTB in concert with the Backstreet Boys!
Everyone KNOWS I am a HUGE Howie Dorough fan (BSB) but seeing NKOTB in concert, was a huge "WOW" moment f…
Justin Bieber Covers Come Home To Me [VIDEO]
So I know a lot of people cover Justin Biebers songs, but can you believe that he will actually cover songs himself! So apperently he will search youtube like any other person, and do his own covers of songs. Here is the cover he did of Ernie Halters' original song "Come Home To Me"
Justin …
Live Pop Song Mashup
This guy is pretty amazing, he mashed up 39 of  his favorite songs and played them back in a remix live check it out.

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