I Didn’t Win Crystal Pepsi, but My Wife Did
A few days ago we told you that Crystal Pepsi was coming back but the only way to obtain some was through a contest that Pepsi was promoting. As I have a knack for nostalgia I was hoping to win. Well, I'm sad to say I didn't, but my wife did!
Crystal Pepsi May be Making a Comeback
Everything '90s is coming back in fashion. Surge was reintroduced, General Mills brought back French Toast Crunch and everyone said, "That's fine, but where's my Crystal Pepsi?" Petitions started going around and that's when a competitive eater received a messag…
New From Japan – Pepsi Flavored Cheetos
I've always been facinated with products you can't easily find in the U.S. - especially those that come from Japan. Where as, in America, we'll have Coke, then variants like Cherry Coke, Vanilla Coke, Coke with Lime and so on. In Japan, they will have Kit-Kat, then flavors like sweet potato, wasabi …
Watch Nicki Minaj’s New Pepsi Commercial
Nicki Minaj goes pop indeed — soda pop, that is — in her new Pepsi ad.
The clip, set to a remix of Minaj’s hit ‘Moment for Life,’ opens with a cute brunette couple popping open some cans of — what else? — Pepsi. The song choice was a delib…