pizza hut

Pizza Hut Introduces New Flavors with New Ingredients
The good people at Pizza Hut stopped by the studios today and brought a few pizzas with them. I'm always down for Pizza Hut, but when they opened the boxes, it blew me away! These pizzas looked amazing, smelled fantastic and tasted aweswome. Here are some new pizzas you should try out.
Did You Know Yakima County Morgue Used to be a Pizza Hut?
Looking for unique websites, I came across 'Used to Be a Pizza Hut' which shows you all of the newer businesses that, at one time, used to serve up deep dish pizzas. There was one on the map for Yakima which currently belongs to Yakima County Morgue. Do you remember when Yakima County Morg…
The Pizza Hut Dancers
Forget Chuckie Cheese I want my next birthday party here! Hey Waiter ...when you done can I get a refill?