My New Years Resolution for 2014
Here we are approaching the end of the very first month of the new year.
My resolution is "to loosen up a bit".
I don't mean loosen up in a dress size, or loosen my grip on reality.
My resolution is to loosen up on my knack for being anxiety-prone, cynical, bitter, and all-aroun…
Mysterious Elf Caught In Revealing Photo!
Move over The Elf On The Shelf!
Make way for The Elphf On A Shelf!
This holiday season she is wrecking havoc wherever she goes, and then tells her bff Santa all about it when you go to sleep. She is cranky, mischievous, and will sometimes leave a little poo on your Christmas tree...
Beginner’s Guide To Fantasy Football
I just joined my first fantasy football team, and we had our draft last night on Yahoo! Sports online. Our FF league is created and maintained by 12 women who have absolutely no idea how to do fantasy football. We searched high & low for helpful tips and videos, but it was like trying to cra…

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