Illinois State Fair Hog Calling Contest Is Hilarious
This video from the Illinois State Fair hog calling contest was filmed in 2010, but is just now going viral. No reason why not, it's a bunch of people doing what they do to call your mom, I mean pigs. The true talent is at the 1:54 mark. Watch and be amazed.
Talented Little Girl Can Sing With Her Mouth Closed
Hot on the heels of the backwards-speaking teenager comes another youngster with an amazingly weird talent. This time, a girl sings ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star’ in its entirety with her mouth closed. Where do you find these people, internet?
Watch a Taiwanese Musician Play Three Instruments at Once [VIDEO]
Sometimes, you'll hear musicians bragging about how they played all the instruments on their latest album. But when the say that, they mean they played each instrumental track separately, then mixed them together in the studio.
This musician from Taiwan, however, has the coordination to play three i…