New Texting Terms Your Kids are Using that You Should Know
It all started when Tigger announced 'TTFN' to his friends in the 100-Acre Woods that people learned you could abbreviate phrases and it all went downhill from there. For a while everyone was using lol for 'laughing out loud' but then more and more phrases started popping up, many of them a secret c…
Texting And Walking Girl Falls On Live TV
If you're texting and walking at the same time and there are stairs present and they happen to be filming a live news shot around where you are, there is nearly a 100% chance that you'll have a precious YouTube moment like this.
Texting And Driving – Two Things That Don’t Go Together
Last week, blogger Sean Symons captured horrifying footage of a teen driver who crashed into the side of the road, then hit two oncoming cars, all while he was allegedly texting and driving.
According to his YouTube page, Symons called the police when he spotted the texting teen, then pulled out his …