Exactly How ‘Green’ Is the Evergreen State?
Washington state is known as "the evergreen state" for its abundance of coniferous trees. But trees aside, how green is Washington when it comes to reusing, recycling and eco-friendly behaviors? Well, we're not first place, but we're not bad.
Hate Groups Still Exist In Washington
The Southern Poverty Law Center has put together a map of hate groups throughout America and even though we consider our state pretty open and accepting, hate groups still lurk in the dark corners.
The 71 Best Things About Living In Yakima
Some folks from the Westside and in the Tri-Cities have unfairly ripped into the Yakima Valley and we think it's a pretty damn awesome place to live. So we compiled our list (with help from our listeners) of the 71 best things about living here:
6 Hard To Pronounce Places In Washington — Do You Agree?
Washington towns and city's are fairly easy to pronounce, if you have lived here. If you are just some normal person checking out towns in Washington State, there is no way you could pronounce some of them. Here are the 5 hardest city's in the state of Washington that out-of-towners wouldn…
Single Car Non-Injury Accident On Hwy 12 On Ramp
21 year old Raymond Kelly (pictured below) said he may have been going a little too fast for the on ramp to Hwy 12 West from I-82 South. Kelly said his left tire caught the gravel on the left side (photo below) of the on ramp which may have caused him to overcompensate to get back on the road causin…
Five Struggles We All Face Living in Washington State
Washington state is truly the best state one could live in. I'm not just saying that because I live here, but I truly believe it. Unfortunately, living in Washington state doesn't come without a price. Here are a few burdens we all carry because we live here...

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