The Willow Goldfinch is an official Washington state symbol.

An amazing bird that is also called a “wild canary” has been the top bird in chief here in Washington since it was declared the official state bird in the 1950s by ladies of the Washington Federation of Women's Clubs.

The yellow Willow Goldfinch reigns supreme in the West Coast (the best coast, if I say so myself).

Yellow Goldfinch WA State Bird

If you have seen the movie, Migration, you will appreciate that the Willow Goldfinch loves to migrate during the late fall to early spring.

This means the best time to see the Willow Goldfinch in Washington is between August to November.

They love to hide in bushes and trees.

If you happen to be lucky enough to have Willow Goldfinches near your home, make sure to feed them what they love the best: seeds, buds, maple sap, and some insects, according to the Coastal Interpretive Center. They also love to dine on dandelions and sunflowers!

Here are the best spots in Washington to see this gorgeous yellow bird in action.

Olympic National Park, Discovery Park in Seattle, Skagit Valley, and Hanford Reach of Tri-Cities

  • Hanford Reach

  • Olympic National Park

  • Skagit Valley

  • Discovery Park in Seattle

Other hot places for spotting a Willow Goldfinch include the San Juan Islands, Columbia River Gorge, and the ​​Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge.


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